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Helping you build an intentional life-first business that supports the life you dream of!


Hi, I'm Shay!


I'm here to

provide you

with the support you need to build a life-first business on YOUR terms.

You started your business for a reason

Whether that reason was to stay home with your kids, leave a challenging work environment, get out of the 9-5 grind, or have more freedom to do the things you love. But somewhere along the way, that reason was replaced with something else.


Your business should be a means to achieve the life you desire, not an obstacle to the life you crave. It's time we get back to the real reason you started your business. 

Imagine if you could go from...

Feeling guilty about taking time away from your family & the things that matter to you 


Putting all of your client work first  


Feeling the social media pressure to reach a certain level of success 

Following someone else's business model


Feeling burnt out & unmotivated 

Having a balanced schedule that allows you to be present in both life & business 


Prioritizing your life & business goals 


Confidently establishing your own measure of life & business success


Building a business based on your values, goals, & passions 


Being excited & re-energized like you were when you first started your business

It is my mission to help women entrepreneurs create and build an intentional life-first business on their terms, and the work starts now!

are you ready?

Breakthrough Session 

If you are a women entrepreneur who finds yourself pushing things off to the side in your personal life because you are so busy with client work, or have a difficult time prioritizing the things that matter to you, then this offer is for you!


This offer is designed for the women entrepreneur who desires support in the moment. Instead of a one-and-done call, you will have the ability to ask questions and receive feedback on the spot through Voxer coaching.


This offer is for you if you are a women entrepreneur who is struggling to create and grow a life-first business. Over 3-months, we will work together to take back control of your business and put the focus back on the life you want to live. 


Do you have more questions? Let's schedule a discovery call!

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Working with Shay was a great experience from start to finish. I knew I needed systems in place to run my coaching business smoothly, but honestly didn’t know where to start. Shay was supportive in helping me understand what I needed to include for effective onboarding and offboarding, and was always willing to talk through processes with me to make sure that I made the best decision. Not only did she set up my processes seamlessly, but she also provided me with real-time education and a personalized video library that will allow me to use the program to its fullest potential. The client experience for my clients now matches the level of legitimacy I bring to my coaching. Thank you, Shay, for bringing this to life!

-Emily Hardy,  Honestly Emily Rose

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