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about me

Hey there, I'm so happy you're here!

I'm Shay - your strategic coach, operations guru, and life-first cheerleader. 


I live in Northern Colorado with my husband, 2-year-old daughter, and two crazy dogs. After an 8-year career in education and counseling, I learned I not only have a passion for helping others but also a passion for building a business that supports the life you want to live. 


When I started this business, it was to have the ability to stay home with my then 3-month-old daughter and have more time to do the things I love. As my business continued to grow, I found myself spending way more time working on my business than I expected and my stress skyrocketed as a result. 

This was not okay. 

I finally had to take a step back and remember why I started this business in the first place. It wasn't to make 10k+ months (even though social media told me that's what success looked like). It was to have the freedom to stay home with my daughter while also contributing to our family financially. 

I wanted a life-first business, and that's exactly what I have been building for the past few years.

So, what exactly do I do?

I am a counselor turned Certified Director of OperationsOperations Consultant, and Business Coach who partners with women entrepreneurs, such as yourself, to help them build an intentional life-first business. I truly believe that your business should be a means to achieve the life you desire, not an obstacle to the life you crave. I step in and provide you with the support and guidance you need to build a business that feels right for YOU - we don't believe in one-size-fits-all around here! 

My end goal? To help you bring your business back into alignment with why you started it in the first place. 

When working with me you can expect: Prompt and timely delivery and communication; honesty; respect for you, your business, and your team; dependability; and above all, FUN!

A few of my favorites:

  • Hobbies: Olympic Weight Lifting 

  • Books: The Alchemist and The Harry Potter Series

  • Vacation: Ireland! I lived there for a year in college!

  • Podcasts: The Ops Authority, Systemize Your Life, Binge Mode: Harry Potter, The Dreamer's Manual, The Mel Robbins Podcast

  • Drink: Unsweet iced tea or hot chai


Fun fact - I grew up in the country and have rodeoed my whole life (barrel racer at heart)!

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